Suchi Yelp

To all those dance freaks who are on the look out for a fun place to learn dance, Bollyworks  is THE place. After a long time almost 3 years ,I finally found something that I  really enjoy 🙂 Dancing has always been  my passion but marriage , moving to a new country and then having a kid, just somehow pushed …

Visva Yelp

Arundhati is an excellent dancer and a great instructor! Loved every minute of the 4 sessions she instructed in February of 2015. I am so glad someone introduced me to this blissful dancing. Arundhati chooses the most popular, recent and fun songs to dance for. She is very patient with people of all levels – and helps you get the …

Soumya Yelp

BollyWorks is a fantastic studio and I highly recommend the ladies Bollywood classes! I came to the area in the summer and was looking for something fun to keep busy and stay active. I found BollyWorks while searching for dance classes and decided to give it a try. Arundhati is a talented choreographer and teacher and I’ve always enjoyed her …

Yasaman Katoozi on facebook

Arundhati is very confident in what she is doing and that brings more energy and fun into the class. I love her choreography! She always dances with full energy

Asha Mutalik Desai on facebook

Arundhati’s classes are fun and energetic. If you are looking to learn bollywood dancing or simply get fit while having some fun then Bollyworks is the place for you!