Studio Policy

Signing In

At BollyWorks, we encourage clients to commit to a consistent and disciplined class schedule. We notice that it works best if clients come in regularly as progress is rapid and one reaps the benefits of a thorough, consistent dance practice.

  • Please visit the sign-in desk before your class. All members need to be checked in
  • If you are new to BollyWorks, please arrive ten minutes early to take care of all formalities
  • Our studio is a no wifi zone and cell phones are not allowed into the dance area
  • BollyWorks front desk is available only 15 minutes prior to each class

Respect for instructors & fellow students

  • Silence all cell phones and or just leave them in the car
  • Remove shoes before entering the dance space
  • The studio is only available 15 minutes before and after each class for use by students
  • Please be on time. It is important to warm up before dancing
  • Please maintain lines as it helps us utilize the available space well
  • Class doors are open for 5 minutes once class begins

Cleanliness & Dress Code

  • Please observe basic hygiene when attending a dance class
  • Dress code includes track pants, yoga pants, shorts, leggings, tops and t shirts. Jeans, cargo pants, and skirts are not considered appropriate yoga gear and may cause injury. Please wear clothing that allows you to move freely
  • If you tend to break out into a heavy sweat, please carry your own towel and a deodorant
  • Please check your workout gear and jacket for any food smells trapped in it. We have many students with sensitive allergies

Late comers

  • We encourage all participants to arrive prior to the start of class. This will give you enough time to settle down, check in, disconnect from the world outside and rehearse your routines before class starts
  • Being disciplined is a part of the entire experience of being a dancer, all our classes start and end on time
  • If you do arrive late, doors remain open for 5 minutes after class has begun. If you are arriving late for some reason, it is common courtesy to let your instructors know beforehand.
  • Once the studio doors have been locked, they will not be opened until the class ends

Validity and Refund Policy

  • BollyWorks does not offer refunds, transfers, extensions or credits on any enrollments. All sales are final
  • For private sessions, a 24 hour cancellation policy is in place. If cancellations occur within the 24 hours, the full tuition is charged
  • We accept all major credit cards and cash. No checks accepted

Lost Items

  • BollyWorks is not responsible for any personal belongings that may be lost, stolen or misplaced during, before and after class hours.
  • All lost and founds items will be available till the end of the month before they are donated to Goodwill.

Note that these policies are subject to change without prior notice.