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Project Bollywood© was conceptualized to provide a platform for our many talented students. Every year, BollyWorks showcases an annual production, called PROJECT BOLLYWOOD at Meydenbauer Theatre in Bellevue. Our next show is on March 30th, 2019

Project Bollywood 2019

30/03/2019 at

Meydenbauer Theatre, Bellevue

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At BollyWorks, we have regular and seasonal offerings. Our regular classes are…

  • Project Bollywood 2019 classes
  • BollyWorks Dance Fitness classes
  • BollyWorks Fitness Instructor Certification

Our seasonal offerings are…

  • Pop Up classes
  • BollyWorks Fitness Instructor Certification
  • Special BollyWorks Fitness classes
  • BollyWorks Dance Troupe auditions
  • Meet, Greet and Dance events
  • project bollywood by bollyworks
  • project bollywood by bollyworks

Upcoming BollyWorks classes, events, and certifications...

July 2018

Pop Up ZINGAAT class - FULL 

Have you been listening to the foot-tapping Zingaat like we have? We can't wait to get you dancing to it. Join the BollyWorks team on July 23rd to learn new, fun and authentic moves to this new track.

Time: 8 pm to 09:45 pm

Tuition: $20

August 2018

Pop Up HIGH RATED GABRU class - Now enrolling

We love the vibe of this one. If you have not heard it yet or seen the dance moves, you have to watch this one right away. A pop-up class is a one time, fun night of learning choreography to the latest, exciting track. Join the BollyWorks team to get the groove on for this one right away. Only 18 spots available.

Date: August 14th, 2018

Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm

Tuition: $20

September 2018

BollyWorks Dance Troupe Auditions - Now enrolling

Have you seen the BollyWorks Dance Troupe in action? Known for being authentic, professional, entertaining and a treat to watch. These ladies work hard behind the scenes to entertain you for their love of Bollywood. If you are a seasoned Bollywood dancer,  keen to be on stage, love rehearsing and are disciplined. Come to try out at the BollyWorks Troupe auditions. More details on our Facebook event page.

Date: September 7th, 2018

Time: 07:30pm to 10pm

Tuition: Free but RSVP required

BollyWorks Fitness Classes - Now enrolling

The best, most authentic, Bollywood dance fitness classes in the PNW. We love working out and dancing. Get fit and fabulous with us every week starting September. Multiple classes available every week at BollyWorks and supporting locations. Dance your way to fitness with BollyWorks.

Date: Starts September 2018

Details: available on BollyWorks Fitness

Project Bollywood 2019 - Meet & Greet - Now enrolling

Are you interested in being a part of the biggest, most authentic, professional and exciting Bollywood dance show in the area. Look no further. Project Bollywood 2019 is our annual students' talent show. Classes run September through March 2019. All participants get to perform on stage at the end. Classes are once a week. Weeknight and weekends classes available. More details on the Project Bollywood page.

Date: Starts September 2018

Details: available on Project Bollywood

October 2018

BollyWorks Fitness Instructor Training - Now enrolling

Interested in becoming a certified BollyWorks Fitness instructor? Helping others not only enjoy Bollywood dance but also get fit and healthy. Check out more details of our upcoming local instructor certification and enroll right away.

Date: October 20th, 2018

Tuition $199 early bird

Details: at BollyWorks Instructor certification

Project Bollywood 2019 details…


All students are default enrolled in our general Bollywood classes. This is suitable for beginners who have never danced Bollywood before. Classes are enrolled on a first come first serve basis. Enrolling early will help ensure you get a spot for Project Bollywood 2019.

Each class has a few BollyWorks Fitness dance workouts followed by choreography to a particular song. Every class performs 2 songs and more on stage. This depends on the group’s ability to pick up choreography. If we have time, we do not hesitate to add more songs to class.


To be a part of Project Bollywood, you need to be present for most of the classes. We take class attendance every week. Participants missing more than 15% percent of total class attendance will not be able to perform on stage.


Our classes are suitable for adult participants. We have a mixed range of dancers in their 20s to their late 50s. We do not enroll children.


Our show is on March 30th, 2019 at Meydenbauer Theatre in Bellevue, WA


We specialize in adult Bollywood dance classes and do not offer children Bollywood dance classes.


  • We do not offer to make up classes for anything missed.
  • We do however provide rehearsal videos of every class where new choreography is added


Please click here to find class tuition. This price includes – all class instructions, rehearsals, and technical rehearsals. This tuition does not include – costume and prop prices and ticket prices.

To sign up for class and view the schedule, click here.