Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How do I enroll for classes at Bollyworks?

Please read up on Project Bollywood here. You can see class schedule, prices and all other details here. You will need to sign up here to be a part of Project Bollywood.

I am a beginner in bollywood dance. Would Project Bollywood show be suitable for someone like me?

Yes! You are not alone. There are many beginner students who are enrolled in our general beginners dance classes. You will be trained throughly with choreography and additional performance skills. We only ask that you stay consistent with classes and some amount of home practice to be a star on stage. So go ahead and enroll

Do you teach children’s classes?

We used to offer children Bollywood classes a long time ago. However, currently we do not offer any kids classes. To participate in Project Bollywood, participants need to be over 17 years of age.

I am traveling in December & will miss a couple of classes. What make up policies do you offer?

We have a detailed class schedule listed for Project Bollywood here. We have cancelled classes in the second half of December and around all major holidays. If you miss a class, there is no specific make up class provided. We have rehearsal videos that are shared every week that will help you keep up with anything that is missed.

I do not want to perform on stage. Can I still enroll in Project Bollywood 2018?

We request you to look for our Spring/Summer sessions if you do not wish to perform on stage. All participants in Project Bollywood will be a part of the stage show.

What do we bring to class?

All students are requested to be in dance or workout wear for all classes. Classes are conducted barefeet. Please carry a face towel, a water bottle and arrive on time for all classes.

What will we learn in class?

We specialize in Bollywood dance and choreography. All classes include a warm up, learning a Bollywood dance routine and ending with a cool down. Classes will work on learning the routine, formations and other aspects related to being on stage as a dancer. All acts are conceptualized and executed by the Bollyworks team

Who teaches the classes?

All classes are taught by the Bollyworks instructors. Please see bios here.

Are the classes exclusively for ladies or can men also participate?

Yes! Are classes are open to men and women.