Bollyworks Fitness

BollyWorks Fitness

Are you looking to get fit in a fun, exciting way? Then you are at the right place. If you love bollywood music and do not fancy choreography much. Then check out our BollyWorks Fitness© classes at your local health clubs and gyms.

What is BollyWorks Fitness©?

BollyWorks Fitness© is created by Arundhati Baitmangalkar and Soumya Gogula. A BollyWorks Fitness© class is like a dance party. Where you get to dance and burn calories for a whole hour. All songs are uniquely choreographed by our team. We offer different genres as well as various intensities of songs of cardio. Helping you tone, burn, crunch bollywood style.

Want to attend a class?

BollyWorks Fitness© is currently being offered by ProSports Club in Bellevue and occassionally at the YMCA at Sammamish. If  you would like to host a class at your local gym or set up a demo, please write to us at for more details on how to set this up. Please contact the specific health clubs mentioned here on how to enroll and all other class details.

What to bring to class?

Just show up ready to workout. Your favorite workout wear, a towel and a bottle of water is all you need.